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Het Zwembad

‘Het Zwembad’ is located at the Tripkouw in Midwoud, hidden behind the old fire station and primary school de Koet. It boasts two parking areas and a large number of bicycle racks offering ample space for cars and bicycles. Following the grand renovations in 1992 and 1993, and the new construction in 2000, the entrance was moved from the Dorpsstraat in Oostwoud to the Tripkouw. The pool was founded in 1959 which makes it the oldest outdoor pool in West-Friesland. In 2009, the pool celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a magnificent anniversary year. The complex boasts a lot of room for sunbathing and play. The well-maintained lawn offers spots in the sun as well as in the shade. There’s also a terrace for parents and guardians who prefer not to swim. The kiosk offers coffee, tea, soft drinks and various types of sweets. Every year the activities committee organizes a lot of activities. There are three separate pools. The ‘large pool’ has a depth of 1.55 metres up to 2.75 metres; the ‘small pool’ has a depth of 45 cm up to 105 cm and the ‘splash pool’ is no more than 30 cm deep. Certified staff is always supervising the pools. Our pool is run by volunteers who make sure that all visitors feel welcome throughout the summer. But even during the winter the pool is inhabited by a group of “winter workers” who ensure that the pool is ready for the public once the pool opens up again. In short, ‘Het Zwembad’ is teaming with life and is definitely worth a visit!