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Nederlands Stoommachinemuseum

Power of Water and Fire! Nowhere else are there so many working steam engines together as in the Dutch Steam Engine Museum on the IJsselmeer near Medemblik. The museum is located in the former steam pumping station ‘Vier Noorder Koggen’. The enormous chimney: you can see it from afar. The museum takes you back to earlier times and is the place to discover what water and fire can do.

On steam days we turn up the fire in the boiler to run the machines. On super steam days, not only do the machines run indoors, but some machines in the machine garden are also steam-charged, as is the coal-fired bucket dredger in the museum harbour. Do you want to know how the steam engines work and what steam meant? Ask our drivers and tour guides, they will be happy to explain it to you.

You are amazed at what people achieved in the past. Steam pumping station Vier Noorder Koggen The pumping station is one of the oldest intact steam pumping stations in the Netherlands. It first came into operation in 1869 as an ‘auxiliary steam pumping station’ to support the mills in draining the polders. In 1907 the capacity of the pumping station was expanded with a large centrifugal pump and the mills were redundant.

The pumping station has been in active service for over a hundred years. Several times a year there are demonstrations with the original pumping installation of the pumping station. Experience the breakthrough of steam in the Netherlands In the exhibition ‘Netherlands on Steam!’ dozens of moving and unique steam models show in an audiovisual show how the steam engine conquered the Netherlands in the mid-19th century. Anyone who would like to take a virtual look can take a tour of the museum and the dredging mill on the website with NSM Virtual. You can step behind gates where you are otherwise not allowed. But of course nothing beats a real museum visit!

Inspiring and fun activity museum for children.

  Discover why the Dutch Steam Engine Museum is one of the best museums for children. There is a lot to do, see, experience and learn. Dive into a world of adventure, where steam power comes to life and learn how James Watt’s world invention works! Hissing steam, turning engines, lugging stokers and engineers: the Steam Engine Museum is constantly in motion!

Roll up your sleeves!

Roll up your sleeves, because you don’t come to the Steam Engine Museum to do nothing. During steam days you can give the stoker a helping hand. You will then receive a real ‘fireplace diploma’ as a reward. If the blacksmith is present in the old forge of the pumping station, you can also earn a ‘blacksmith diploma’. You might even receive a present forged by him himself.

Discover the museum with the Steam Treasure Hunt

Step into the shoes of an adventurous steam detective and do the fun treasure hunt through the museum. Armed with a puzzle sheet and clues, you are challenged to solve riddles, find hidden clues and collect puzzle pieces.

Operate a real (mini) steam engine  

Miniature steam engines, with which you can make steam yourself and discover what steam power does, are ready for you. You make a fire with an ashbit block to heat the water in the kettle, then wait until the water boils and… see what happens!


Educational Entertainment

The Dutch Steam Engine Museum is a place where learning and fun go hand in hand. Thanks to the fascinating stories and demonstrations by real stokers and engineers, every visit becomes an educational and fun adventure. It is also possible to visit the museum with your school class during a school excursion.


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