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Do you love fun shopping? Then you can make your move in the municipality of Medemblik! Right here you will find several shopping centers, cozy markets, special boutiques, the special gift and interior design stores and treats for your vacations. Go on a treasure hunt!

Shopping in Medemblik

Medemblik welcomes you to store, walk and relax. The historic city center is small and surprisingly complete. There are plenty of nice stores, run by enthusiastic shopkeepers. For the inner man, there are cozy cafes, restaurants and bars. Each with its own ambiance and menu, for everyone's taste and budget.

Take a nice walk through the old town, in the park and along the harbors. You can reach the City Beach via the route along Castle Radboud. In the center are no less than 3 museums and the steam streetcar from Hoorn arrives at the old station.

Some of our offerings

Flowers & More by Mex

address Nieuwstraat 76, Medemblik

Bij Flowers & More by Mex kun je terecht voor de mooiste bloemen en planten, prachtige boeketten, cadeau artikelen en me...

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Poolse supermarkt

address Nieuwstraat 77, Medemblik

Pool Supermarkt

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Het Nesbos

address Oosterdijk 4, Medemblik

Het Nesbos is het middelste (en oudste buitendijkse) gedeelte van de Vooroever en ligt tussen Medemblik en Onderdijk. He...

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Akbulut Sports

address Bagijnhof 7, Medemblik

Specialty store in sports shoes for men, women and children.

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Tabakshop Dekker

address Kaasmarkt 1, Medemblik

Our business has been a household name in Medemblik. With us you can come in for: tobacco products Magazines State and s...

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Bushaltestelle Medemblik

address Dam 4, Medemblik

Bus station

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Gregory damesmode

address Nieuwstraat 55, Medemblik

For many years the fashion store for ladies in Medemblik. With their adjacent menswear store, Gregory offers an extensiv...

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Winkelcentrum Abbekerk

address Burg. P. Kromplein 6, Abbekerk
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Pearle opticians Medemblik

address Nieuwstraat 52, Medemblik

For all your contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses and measurements.

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Butchery Cees Blokdijk

address Nieuwstraat 68, Medemblik

For extremely good quality meat, go to Cees Blokdijk. De Keurslagerij van Medemblik and an integral part of our city sin...

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Lucky Lucy Tattoo and Body Art

address Nieuwstraat 32A, Medemblik

Liselotte Klaver welcomes you to her own tattoo shop on the Nieuwstraat in Medemblik. Be inspired by her creations and c...

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Van Onzenoort Schoenen B.V

address Bagijnhof 36, Medemblik

Onzenoort shoes shop is in Medemblik. Since the beginning of 1970 it has a well known concept in shoes in Medemblik and ...

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The White House – Womens clothing

address Vooreiland 1A, Medemblik

At the White House you enter a quality shop for women's fashion, located in a unique location, with a view over the harb...

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Spar Van Zeijl Supermarkt

address Nieuwstraat 49-51, Medemblik

Supermarket for all your groceries. Fresh bread, vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products every day. But of course als...

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Opperdoezer Ronde Toko

address Almereweg 16, Opperdoes

The name Opperdoezer Ronde can only be used for potatoes that grow within a 1 km radius from the church in the West-Fris...

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Wurmpy – Kinderkleding & cadeau

address Europasingel 61, Medemblik

Wurmpy is een baby- en kinderwinkel. Wurmpy verkoopt verkoopt speelgoed van 0-10 jaar en kinderkleding van maat 44 t/m 9...

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Bycicle store Leo Smit

address Almereweg 41A, Medemblik

Bycicle store for men's- women- and children's bikes. As well as sportbikes as mountainbikes, road bikes and all neccess...

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Winkelcentrum Wervershoof

address Raffeisenlaan 1, Wervershoof
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Hairsalon Houtenbos

address Bagijnhof 44, Medemblik

Hairsalon for men, women and children

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LIV Eco specialist in organic products

address Nieuwstraat 58, Medemblik

At LIV Eco you enter a beautiful monumental building in the center of Medemblik. Owner Petra and her team have a large a...

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ATM ABN/AMRO Bank Medemblik

address Nieuwstraat 73, Medemblik

ATM ABN/AMRO Bank Medemblik.

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Pardillo damesmode

address Nieuwstraat 13, Medemblik

At Pardillo women's fashion in Medemblik you enter a specialty store with clothing of high and durable quality. You are ...

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Raat Bakery

address Nieuwstraat 84, Medemblik

The place to be for handmade products since 1846. Including over 30 types of bread. Everything is baked in-house such as...

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Peter’s Hairshop

address Bagijnhof 5, Medemblik

Men's haidresser

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MEET Medemblik

address Nieuwstraat 58, Medemblik

MEET MEDEMBLIK is een eigentijds shop-in-shop concept waar je een verrassend assortiment ambachtswerk, kunst, streekprod...

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Lindens Mode

address Nieuwstraat 48, Medemblik

Beautiful clothing store for ladies and gentlemen of all ages. Cozy atmosphere, beautiful interior that fits perfectly w...

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Dierenspeciaalzaak De Moel Wervershoof

address Zijdwerk 9a, Wervershoof
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Skik Travel

address Midwouder Dorpsstraat 44, Midwoud

The company Skik Travel is located at Midwouder Dorpsstraat 44 in Midwoud and is active in the travel agencies sector.

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Kaas & Zo

address Nieuwstraat 67, Medemblik

Specialty store for: cheese, nuts, delicacies, tea, coffee and chocolate, jams and juices.

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Market at Lodge 61

address Brakeweg 61, Medemblik

Find fresh produce and various other delicious local products at the market in Medemblik.

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Zjon’s Guitarstore

address Bagijnhof 33, Medemblik

Zjon's Guitarstore is now an integral part of Medemblik. A specialty store for all your guitar needs; acoustic, electric...

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Centrum Nibbixwoud

address Korte Dres , Nibbixwoud
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Mitra slijterij

address Nieuwstraat 59, Medemblik

Liquor store Mitra Medemblik is a specialty store in alcoholic drinks. The wide range offers you a great choice of drink...

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Gezusters bos – flowers and accessories

address Nieuwstraat , Medemblik

Gezusters Bos flowers and acc. has opened its doors in 2013 and has since been indispensable in the inner city of Medemb...

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Het Koeienhuis – Wagyu farm

address Dokter de Vriesstraat 10, Benningbroek

Wagyu farm Het Koeienhuis in Benningbroek is a breeder of 100% Wagyu cows. ‘Wagyu’ is Japanese for cow. The Wagyu he...

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Dairy farm De Beukenhof

address Westerstraat 50, Sijbekarspel

Welcome to the Beukenhof, our farmhouse from 1850. We have a dairy farm in this farm where we work with great enthusiasm...

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Juwelier Bethlehem

address Bagijnhof 24, Medemblik

This jeweler specializes in: Watches, Jewelry, Swarovski, Wedding Rings and repairs.

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Haakvrouw – handwerkwinkel

address Bagijnhof 20, Medemblik

Medemblik's Craft store. Specialized in crochet. You will find everything for your crocheted in this attractive and tren...

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Gregory Heren mode

address Nieuwstraat 57, Medemblik

For many years the fashion store for men in Medemblik. With their adjacent womenswear store, Gregory offers an extensive...

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Four Stars – baby and childrens clothing

address Achterom 5, Medemblik

Four Stars kids is a specialty store in baby and children's clothing from size 56 to 176, for boys and girls. Nice and a...

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