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GalerieX Glaskunst

GalerieX has totally focused on the glass art.  Blown, fused, cast, glued and all other kinds of  glass art. From small objects “instead of flowers” for less than € 25,- to objects of several thousand euros and lots in between. For virtually every taste. We constantly visit various glass artists to be able to exhibit surprising objects. In our collection there is always work from Louis la Rooy, Martine Knoppert, Jeroen van de Brug and from the Studio of the Polish glass artist Henryk Rysz.  You are welcome to come and see our collection. By means of  a continuous shown film we will show you how glass is blown and tell you everything you need to know about the glass art. Only when you have fallen “in love” with an object, we will be happy to sell. If not we hope to  see you back again in the future.