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Expositie kunstwerken Groninger Ploeg in het Poorthuis

Wednesday 19 June 2024

From Saturday April 5 to July 1, original etchings, woodcuts, lithographs and drawings by artists from the Groninger Ploeg can be seen in the Poorthuis.

The artists of De Ploeg, founded in 1918, were among the first modern artists in the Netherlands. In 1921, the Ploeg’s most important artist, Jan Wiegers, had to recuperate in Davos, Switzerland, due to a lung disease. Here he became friends with the famous German expressionist Krichner.

Back in the Netherlands, he became the first Dutch expressionist through the influence of Kirchner, and soon most other members of the Ploeg also adopted this style. In the Poorthuis you can see works by Jan Wiegers, Johan Dijkstra and Henk Melgets.